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The Orion5 is a true distributed architecture RTU. The modular design allows multiple RS232, RS485, Fiber Optic, Ethernet and I/O card combinations to match the interface requirements of the application; it is designed to mount in an outdoor NEMA enclosure.
The Orion5 is a multi-port translating device that can communicate with IEDs from multiple vendors and SCADA Masters in their native protocols; both bit and byte protocols are supported. Each port can have the same, or unique protocol, plus each port can function as a master or slave. The Orion5 polls the IEDs for user-defined data, maintains a common database and formats the data for transfer to SCADA.; it can also be remotely accessed for detailed system data without affecting the ability of SCADA to monitor/control the RTU. Configuration is through NCD Software, a Windows based program designed to minimize manual typing; IED and database/SCADA points are selected from drop-down menus.

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SCADA Port(s): Available protocols include DNP3.0 level 2, CDC I/II, Conitel 2020/300, Harris 5000/6000, Landis & Gyr 8065/8979, TejasV, PG&E 2179, B/GETAC, Redac 70 Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII.

IED Port(s): LAN protocols supported include DNP3.0 level 2, Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, PG&E 2179; IEDs supported include SEL, ABB, GE, Alsthom, Basler relays; Bitronics, PML, EI/G, JEM, Quantum, PowerLogic meters; Cooper, Beckwith, Siemens, Joslyn controls; Modicon, AB PLCs.

Network Interface: Ethernet TCP/IP (DNP3.0, Modbus, FTP)

Local Diagnostics: Interface with a substation or laptop HMI; also used for configuration

Remote Access: Interface with a dial-up modem or network for remote diagnostics, access to the database, or a virtual connection to the IEDs.

Extended Memory Archive metering and relay data (when an event occurs or on a timed basis)

NCD Software allows the Orion5 to be easily configured to have the same look/feel as a legacy RTU; our standard guarantee is simple: if the SCADA/EMS operator can tell the difference between interfacing with a legacy RTU and the Orion5, the unit can be returned for a complete refund.
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